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20 Reasons Why Woolet Is the Best Smart Wallet out There

We have worked on Woolet for years and developed this project to perfection. Here’s why we think that Woolet is, without a doubt, the best smart wallet on the market.


  1. Integrated Electronics

Woolet’s brain is hidden inside the lining, so there’s no way to remove it without ripping the whole thing apart. The battery is so small and thin that it’s almost invisible, so it won’t bother you in everyday use. Also, in case of robbery, the thief won’t notice that there’s a smart system in the wallet.


  1. Rechargeable Battery

Some smart wallets (and trackers) have electronics that run either on non-rechargeable batteries that you can replace or disposable batteries which after few months of use are useless and have to be thrown out. Woolet’s battery stays where it is, and you don’t need to replace it.


  1. Wireless Charging

In order to charge Woolet’s battery, you can use any wireless pad in using the QI-standard. They can be found anywhere. It’s very easy: you just need to put the wallet on the top of the charger and wait for a little “beep” sound, which means that charging has begun.


  1. Dedicated Mobile App

Woolet has it’s very own mobile app for the Android and iOS operating systems that synchronises only with Woolet electronics and focuses only on our products. It doesn’t run on systems made by other companies for other gadgets.


  1. Notifications when Woolet is left behind

If you leave your wallet behind or it gets stolen, you receive a push notification on your phone, which allows you to act fast and quickly to retrieve your possessions.


  1. “Calling” your Woolet

You are sure that you left your wallet in the living room. Don’t look for it for ages; just call it and you’ll immediately know where it is.


  1. Tracking and last-seen location

A great feature for forgetful people. Have you misplaced your wallet and would like to know where to start looking for it? Check it’s last-seen location and get directions for how to get there.


  1. Quiet Zones

Set a quiet zone in your home or work, and you won’t be bothered by push notifications in this area. As soon as you step out of your quiet zone (leave work or home) without your wallet, you’ll be notified about it.


  1. Crowd-GPS

With the Woolet app you have a crowd GPS location tracking device, which means that every Woolet user will be able to find your wallet if it gets lost or stolen.


  1. Lost&Found card

Tag important items with a unique code and register it along with your email address and a personal message. The card with the code should be placed inside the item at all times. If you lose your wallet and someone finds it, the finder can enter the serial number on the website Lost& Then they will get your contact info with the message you’ve written. This way, they can easily locate you and return the lost item.


  1. card

This is similar to the Lost&Found card. The only difference is that you can insure your item and, if it is found by stranger, it will be delivered to you by courier.


  1. RFID-Blocking

Shield your money and identity from card skimming! The inner lining of the RFID Woolet is covered with blocking material, which means that whatever you put inside disappears for any RFID detecting device.


  1. Anti-theft mechanism

Arm your wallet against thieves with Woolet Anti-theft. One touch or a slight movement of the wallet will activate both a loud alarm and a push notification to your phone. That way, your wallet is safe anytime you’re in the gym, at a swimming pool or anywhere else you need to put your wallet away.


  1. Italian leather

Our wallets are made out of the highest-quality Italian leather (considered the best in the world), which makes them resistant and last for a long time in mint condition.


  1. Eco-version

If you are vegan or vegetarian we have prepared an eco-version of Woolet made out of vegetable leather.


  1. Modern design

Woolet is slim, fits any pocket and won’t make your trousers look bulky. It may be small, but it fits up to 10 cards, money and coins! We got rid of unnecessary layers of material and designed it to be really thin.


  1. Coin pocket

Most smart wallets don’t have the possibility to hold coins. Woolet wallets have two coin pockets (depending on the model) and will easily fit all your small change.


  1. Travel edition

Do you travel a lot? No matter if it’s for pleasure or work, Woolet Travel will be your sidekick that guards not only your money and cards but also passport and boarding passes.


  1. Mini-pen and notebooks

Our wallets have dedicated space for a mini-pen and notebook (smaller To-Woof List, and bigger Field Notes). They come in handy when you need to write down an important note, telephone number, reminder, shopping list or just doodle time away while waiting for your dentist appointment.


  1. Giftbox

Finally, if you want to give someone a special smart gift, we have prepared fancy gift boxes with Woolet wallets and accessories inside. It’s the perfect present for your nerdy boyfriend, stylish husband or forgetful father.





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