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Woolet XL – the Best Solution for Travel

It’s resistant, capacious and designed to fit most common currencies. It also easily fits your passport! We are talking about the Woolet XL Travel, of course. 

You move around a lot – business trips, or you just enjoy visiting new places? Both scenarios have one thing in common: you can’t afford to lose your wallet. Woolet XL was made for people like you. Learn more about its features!



The most important feature of Woolet XL is its ability to fit your passport. Moreover, it was designed to hold any possible currency, so whether you need to keep pounds, dollars or euros, there’s no problem: all of them will fit easily.

What’s more, Woolet XL is slightly bigger than a regular Woolet and can hold up to 10 cards, but it’s still as slim as it gets.

Woolet XL has identical electronics to the regular version, so it guards your valuables just as well. All you need to do, is to download the Woolet App and synchronize it with your Woolet XL.



Important tip!

Remember to always turn on the Bluetooth and internet connections whenever you land in a foreign country. Woolet needs to establish its new localization, and if you forget to do that, it will “remember” its last location, which will be the one before switching the Bluetooth and internet off.


This smart accessory is designed for every modern man who enjoys travelling around the world. You can find Woolet XL in the official Woolet Store.


FYI, it’s much cheaper as a the set. Get yours 20% off now!


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