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The Woolet App That’s what makes
Woolet smart.
Woolet comes with a dedicated mobile application. After you unpack your brand-new wallet or tracker, you need to synchronize it with the Woolet App. This allows you to receive notifications and track your items on a map at all times. img Five Steps to Installing the Woolet App and Checking Synchronization Main features of the Woolet App
  • Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems
  • Bluetooth connection with several Woolet devices
  • Last-known location presented on a map
  • Wallet navigation and tracking the wallet’s position on the map
  • Notifications when Woolet is out of reach
  • Triggering a sound signal to “call” your Woolet
  • Quiet Zones in home or work
  • Registration of the Lost&Found card
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Download the Woolet App for Android or iOS.
It is, and always will be, free of charge!
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Integrated inside the wallet construction with rechargeable battery The safest and invisible electronics The Woolet electronics panel is almost invisible so potential thieves won’t notice that there’s a smart system inside the wallet they have stolen. This way you will be able to find your wallet in the blink of an eye. Only integrated electronics will guarantee you ultimate protection! Don’t trust the tracking devices you can put in regular wallets.
They have three massive flaws:
  • 1
    Trackers are easily removable, so they don't guard your wallet at all
  • 2
    They make wallets bulky and destroy the construction
  • 3
    Batteries are always disposable or replaceable
Wireless charging Rechargeable battery with no tangled wires Other smart wallets out there have disposable or replaceable batteries that inflate the cost, and while you’re waiting for the replacement, your wallet is useless. Woolet charges on a wireless pad using Qi-technology. It’s the simplest method: You just put the wallet (or any other Qi-supported device) on top of the pad, you hear a “beep” signal, and there you go – charging!

What’s more, our products are energy efficient and require charging only every few months!
If you don’t own a wireless charger, you can get one from our online shop.
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Track, control and call Woolet Finding your wallet has never been easier Gain full control over your valuables, and never lose your wallet again, thanks to the tracking possibilities of the Woolet App.
  • How many times have you left your wallet at home and not realized until you were paying for your breakfast? No more embarrassment like that! If you leave your Woolet behind, you immediately receive a notification on your phone.
  • Oh no! You left Woolet somewhere at home and have no idea where to look? Remember the times when you wished you could just call your keys? Well, do it!
  • Check the last-seen location of your wallet whenever you’re not sure where you left it. You’ll get the precise location on a map, and you can get directions for how to get there from where you are right now.
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